Markets are closed daily for a one-hour period beginning at 16:00 UTC.

Certain limited functionality is available immediately preceding the closing and reopening of the markets:

  • 15:50 UTC PRE-CLOSE
    The market goes into pre-close (cancels  only)
  • 16:00 UTC CLOSE
    The market closes and systems shutdown (cancels no longer allowed, deposits and withdrawals disabled)
  • 16:50 UTC PRE-OPEN
    All systems brought online (post-only allowed, cancels accepted, deposits and withdrawals allowed, no matches will occur)
    The market goes into pre-open-lock (Place orders allowed, cancels NOT accepted, no matches)
  • 17:00 UTC OPEN
    The market opens (place, cancels allowed, all time in forces allowed, matches can occur)

This daily market closure allows for expiration of contracts and system maintenance.